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OMPF - My Record


All active duty and reserve personnel having a BOL account, a Common Access Card (CAC) and a CAC-enabled computer can now view their OMPF record online by selecting the "OMPF - My Record" link under the BOL Application Menu.  See NAVADMIN 011/09 for details.

OMPF - My Record provides a secure and efficient method for you to access and review your image record 24/7 and is the preferred method of obtaining OMPF information and correcting your records (see Corrections below) vice ordering the OMPF on CDROM (eliminates unnecessary delays caused by waiting days/weeks to received a CD).

Ordering a CD should only be done for retaining your complete OMPF record on CD for emergency situations (i.e. backup file; document loss due to system-file corruption).  The CD should be kept in a safe and secured place.  Remember once document(s) are scanned to the OMPF record here at NPC they are destroyed -  See Records Management and Policy.

Your OMPF reflects documents that have been received, reviewed, and accepted as an official document.  Documents that have been sent to Navy Personnel Command (NPC) within the past few months may still be in process of being scanned to the OMPF record.  Do not resend these documents.

With "OMPF - My Record" you are able to view, download and print the documents as you would with the documents on the CDROM.


Evaluations/Fitness Reports - For all Evaluations or Fitness Reports issues (this includes removal of duplicates/someone else’s report(s)), please contact PERS-32.
Personal Data Record –  Your Personal Data Record (corporate data) to name a few such as ESR, PSR, ODC, ETJ, and NDAWS is updated by various other agencies such as your servicing Personnel Office or NSIPS.

Please contact your Personnel Office or NSIPS for assistance in correcting personal data records (corporate data).  If they are unable to correct, they will know who to contact to correct corporate data.

PERS-313 does not correct Personal Data Records.

OMPF Image Documents - To correct documents in your OMPF record see our webpage’s Document Correction, Document Submission, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), and Contact Us.

Before submitting corrections to us, please review the webpages above.  Our "Contact Us" page provides an email address to which you can submit corrections.

Note:  Correcting your image record (OMPF) does not correct your Personal Data Record (see Personal Data Record above).

The most common corrections to the image record (OMPF) are (if the correction pertains to Evals/FitRep – see above):

  • Removal of Duplicate Document(s)

  • Removal of Document(s) that were Corrected by Another Document (Both Documents Must Already be in the OMPF Record)

  • Removal of Document(s) Belonging to Someone Else

  • Removal of Document(s) that were Erroneously Filed to the Record, (i.e., Document Filed in your Record Contrary to Policy or Regulation such as Birth Certificate; LOA/LOC’s).

Important Note:  In performance of their duties, PERS-313 staff may remove the following type of documents without notifying the command or member:

  • Duplicate Documents

  • Removal of Documents that clearly indicate they belong to someone else, and

  • Removal of Erroneously Filed Documents (i.e. LOA/LOC’s; NSIPS ESR Closeout Documents (NAVPERS 1070/605, 1070/880, 1070/881, 1070/886) that were submitted and filed prior to the record closeout).

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