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Document Correction

An official document submitted to NAVPERSCOM for filing in the Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) becomes the property of Department of Navy (DON).  Except for administrative or clerical errors, documents filed in the OMPF may not be removed or changed except by authorization of Secretary of Navy.

  (1) If you find an error in your OMPF, you may request a correction to your service record.  You should submit your request to your servicing Personnel Office (PersO) for action since the error may be found in your OMPF, the Electronic Service Record (ESR), and in some cases other corporate databases.  Request must include a description of the information to be changed; the reason for the change; the type of change sought (i.e., deletion, correction, or addition); and copies of available documentary evidence supporting the request.  In general, the following types of corrections may be made, where appropriate.  Please read the FAQ section and the 'Contact Us' page before submitting requests for additional requirements.

The following corrections may be submitted directly by the member:
  • Duplicate documents, both documents must be the exact same (one is a photocopy of the other)
  • Remove a document that was erroneously filed in your record, i.e., another member’s document filed in your record.  If this document is in your OMPF, you may request this type of correction directly from NAVPERSCOM.
  • Remove a document found in your record that is not legible, and replace it with a clean readable copy of the document (submit the new document under a cover letter to NAVPERSCOM.
The following corrections must be submitted via the member's CPPA/Personnel Office: 
  • A document was filed in the OMPF record contrary to policy or regulation.
  • Correct an error on a document when the correction is mandated by regulation (e.g. the regulation requires a specific word or code, such as a reenlistment code, but the clerk entered an erroneous code).
  • Correct an error on a document if it is readily apparent on the face of the document that a clerical error was made (e.g., evident a service member reenlisted for 6 years, but dates provided indicate only a 5 year reenlistment; reenlisted on 24 DEC 04 for 6 years (24 DEC 10) but contract indicates enlistment expires 24 DEC 09).  This is restricted to changes that “do not” create a retroactive pay entitlement (see subparagraph (5) below).
  (2) A document may be amended or supplemented by correspondence forwarded via official channels.

  (3) If the change requested is a material change or if change requested is not covered by the above paragraphs, the matter must be referred to the Board for Correction of Naval Records (BCNR) in accordance with MILPERSMAN 1000-150.

  (4) If the matter in question involves a matter of opinion, judgment or the exercise of discretion, such as a performance evaluation, refer it to BCNR.

  (5) The Comptroller General (CompGen) has consistently held that except for corrections made by BCNR, there is no authority to retroactively correct a military record in order to create a pay entitlement for a prior period.  If the change requested will create a retroactive claim for pay and/or allowances, refer it to BCNR.  Even if the error is an obvious clerical error, if money or entitlement is involved, refer it to BCNR.
Submitting Documents to be Filed into the OMPF
See “Document Submission” for guidance on submitting documents to be included into the OMPF record.
Auditing Your OMPF and Electronic Service Record (ESR)
You should never wait to the last minute or until a Selection Board review to see if your records are up-to-date, the following are suggested times you must review your records (OMPF/ESR):
  • Six months prior to being Transferred from your parent command (and just prior to the transfer);
  • Six months prior to being Separated from the Navy (and just prior to the separation);
  • Six months prior to a Selection Board review;
  • After an event occurs, the information is Posted and Verified in your ESR record and/or the document(s) is submitted and filed in your OMPF.  Examples:
    • You were awarded a service/unit award - the award must be recorded and Verified in the ESR only (the information will be transmitted to the OMPF upon separation or reenlistment).
    • A Permanent page 13 was issued - the entry is recorded in the ESR and Verified, then the page is submitted to the OMPF for filing.
You must ensure that all transactions (entries) in the ESR have been VERIFIED, if the transactions cannot be verified after a thorough research - it should be removed.  Unverified transactions are not valid and do not transmit to the OMPF.

The CPPA and your servicing Personnel Office is responsible for the management and upkeep of the ESR record.

See Command Pay/Personnel Administrator (CPPA) Pay and Personnel (PAYPERS) Support Services for further information.

  • When you transfer to a new command or separated from the navy incorrect information can be hard to validate, the gaining command must contact the losing command to validate the information and at times that information could have been disposed of (that is another important reason to ensure your records are up-to-date prior to separation or transfer).
  • ESR Closeout documents (NAVPERS 1070/605; 1070/880; 1070/881; and 1070/886) is only submitted to the OMPF upon discharge or reenlistment.  These documents cannot be printed from the menu pages and submitted, they must be printed from the ESR Closeout section by an ESR Supervisor.
The Personnel Records Review: Inventory and Verification of Your Navy Personnel Record (OMPF and ESR) is a useful guide to assist you with auditing your OMPF and ESR together.

The following MILPERSMANs provides guidance on correcting the Naval Record:

MILPERSMAN 1000-130 Name Change of Member
MILPERSMAN 1070-020 Officer Permanent Personnel Record
MILPERSMAN 1070-080 Enlisted Permanent Personnel Record
MILPERSMAN 1160-030 Enlistments and Reenlistments Under Continuous Service Conditions
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