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Record Access & Review

The review or release of records is limited strictly to personnel who require access to the records in the performance of their official duties and is normally limited to the member and to the following:
  • Agent or representative authorized in writing by the member.
  • Personnel who are required to review military service records in the performance of their official duties.
  • Duly convened boards of the Department of the Navy.
  • Courts-martial
  • Court order signed by a judge.
Information contained in the record shall be protected under the Privacy Act of 1974.

Record entries are made only by those personnel expressly authorized by the commanding officer to do so, usually the staff of the administration office or personnel office, and on the date of the event.

Destruction, mutilation or removal of records is punishable under 18 U.S.C. Sec 2071.

Official actions do not include review of records of officers or enlisted personnel nominated for assignments in the detailing process unless specifically approved by CHNAVPERS or the Assistant Chief of Naval Personnel for Distribution (PERS-4).

The following MILPERMAN articles pertain to handling of records.