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Navy Reserve Qualification Questionnaire​


NRQQ Purpose

Accurate completion of the Navy Reserve Qualification Questionnaire by each Selected reserve officer is important both to the individual and to the Navy. This questionnaire serves several purposes:

It provides current information on your experience, education and skills for use in determining mobilization assignments.  It provides information on your foreign language proficiency, civilian education and professional achievements to boards considering you for selection to the next higher grade, or to disposition boards considering you for retention in, or release from, the Navy Reserve.

It provides information required by the Armed Forces Reserve Act of 1952, as revised, codified and enacted in Title 10, United States Code, affecting your priority of recall or mobilization and your present status in the Navy Reserve.

How to obtain an NRQQ form

Obtain a copy of the NRQQ form via the "Forms for Download" link to the left.          

NRQQ form instructions

An NRQQ form has been converted into an auto-fillable word document format for submission. The following information will assist you in the preparation of your NRQQ. The form is divided into these areas:

Privacy Act Statement
Education/ Civilian Experience
Reserve Service Information
Foreign Language Proficiency
Signature / Date / Personal Information
E-mail Point of Contact for NRQQ Questions

Privacy Act Statement

Authority: Authority for requesting this information is contained in 10 United States Code, Chapter 11

Purpose: To provide current information concerning your skills, education and civilian experience for use in determining appropriate mobilization assignments, promotion opportunity, and status in the Navy Reserve. Completion and return of this form is mandatory; failure to complete this form may affect priority on mobilization assignment and status in the Navy Reserve.


High School, College or Professional (Name and Location)
Attended (From / To)
Semester Hours (Credits)
Degree (Title/Date)
Major Field of Study
Specialization within major
Note: You must submit a legible copy of your college transcript to be awarded a subsequent subspecialty code.  Please request that your college or university mail a sealed transcript to PERS-45E at:


More info can be found here.


  Civilian Experience

Name and Address of Employer (if Federal Government, include title of agency, grade and series)
Kind of Business
Exact Title of Your Position (give present and former position if change occurred during the past year)
Present Position (Years and Months)
Number of Employees Supervised (Present Position)
Former Position (Years and Months)
Brief Description of Duties and Responsibilities. Indicate special skills or licenses in effect. (Bar membership, CPA, Denomination of member of the Chaplain Corps, Medical or Dental Certification, Merchant Marine, Professional Engineer or Engineer-in-Training, Registered Architect or Architect-in-Training, etc.)
DOD requires each service to capture and maintain current and accurate civilian employment-related information on each Reserve member.  The purpose for collecting this information is to achieve fair treatment between members in the Ready Reserve who are being considered for recall to active duty without their consent, ensure that there will be no significant attrition of Ready Reserve members or units during a mobilization and to inform Reserve Component members and their employers of their rights, benefits, and obligations under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA).  Please go to the following web address and provide the requested data:

Reserve Service Information

Reserve Unit Title (Address not required)
Billet Title and Months in this Billet
Command Holding Your Service Record (Address not required)
Annual Training During the Past Fiscal Year

Foreign Language Proficiency

Use the following codes:

Language Proficiency Source Code and Description:

Proficiency Rating (Digit Code):

Rate for Speak / Write / Read / Listen

Signature / Date / Personal Information

"I verify that the above information is correct to the best of my knowledge"
Social Security Number
Fiscal Year of Report
How to submit an NRQQ form
Submit the completed form to:

   Navy Personnel Command (PERS-911)
   5720 Integrity Drive
   Millington, TN 38055

NRQQ mailing schedule

The Selection Board schedule is maintained by Navy Personnel Command (NPC) and the NRQQ should be completed six months prior to board convening.


Point of Contact for NRQQ Questions

Please contact MyNavy Career Center at 1-833-330-MNCC, or 901-874-MNCC (DSN 882-6622)

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Need Career, Pay or Personnel help?
Call MyNavy Career Center: 833.330.MNCC,
or 901.874.MNCC (DSN 882.6622)

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Millington, TN 38055-0000

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