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PCS Obligated Service
Ref:  MILPERSMAN 1306-106               MILPERSMAN 1160-040

Sailors who must OBLISERV to execute a PCS move may reenlist any time within the same (FY) year as their PCS detachment month, but NLT the date of detachment from last intermediate duty station.  This does not mean that obtaining OBLISERV may wait until the last intermediate duty station – it only means that the Sailor can wait that long to actually reenlist.  OBLISERV must still be obtained prior to transfer, normally with 30 days of receipt of orders.

Under no circumstances may a Sailor transfer without the required OBLISERV indicated in the orders prior to departure from his/her present Permanent Duty Station (PDS).  In cases where possible loss of SRB would occur if the member reenlisted prior to transfer, extension(s) of enlistment are considered first.  Members may cancel up to 24 months of any non-operative extension (or extensions, total aggregate not to exceed 24 months) with no loss of SRB under certain circumstances.  See the most recent SRB NAVADMIN for more info.

If extension of enlistment for 24 months or less will not completely satisfy the required OBLISERV, the command/PSD is authorized to use a page 13 (NAVPERS 1070/613) entry in lieu of hard OBLISERV for periods not to exceed 12 months per MPM 1306-106.  Some assignments do not allow the use of a page 13 in lieu of hard OBLISERV - see paragraph 4 of MPM 1306-106.  Page 13s for more than 12 months must be authorized by Pers-451.

Page 13s may be used in conjunction with overseas orders, but only up to the point of departure from CONUS.  Members must obtain hard OBLISERV prior to departure from CONUS.  Sample page 13 entry:

“(Date):  In consideration of assignment to _____________________, being unable at this time to incur additional obligated active service without potential monetary loss, I agree to an active duty obligation for ___ months to gain the total OBLISERV required by BUPERS Order #_____ until ______ (month/year).  I agree to reenlist/extend when eligible for a period of __ years, and understand that if I do not reenlist, I will not be eligible for any SRB/EB award, and these orders may be cancelled.  I understand I must have hard OBLISERV prior to departure from CONUS to execute these orders.  This page 13 agreement is not valid for transfer to any overseas area (including Hawaii and Alaska).”

The current options for Sailors who cannot reenlist without incurring SRB loss are:

OBLISERV to Train and then reenlist (OTT).  This option is for those who have a NEC qualifying school in route, or are changing rate, and is limited to those Sailors who are NOT already SRB eligible and who’s EAOS (as extended) is prior to graduation date.  See the latest SRB NAVADMIN message for more qualifications and details.  The OTT program is managed by NPC, Pers-4811.  More info in the latest SRB NAVADMIN.
Waiver of 30-day rule.  When a Sailor can reenlist prior to departure from his/her present command, but must wait until sometime after the expiration of the 30-day window due to potential SRB loss, request a waiver of the 30-day requirement via email from Pers-451.   Waivers are normally granted, provided the Sailor can obligate prior to transfer from present command.
Use of a combination of one or more extensions and/or page 13 entry in lieu of (all) hard OBLISERV.  If not qualified for the OTT program and there is still potential for SRB loss, commands/PSDs are authorized to use two extensions if needed - one conditional extension to extend the service member’s EAOS past graduation date from a school which will result in an SRB qualifying Navy Enlisted Classification (NEC) being earned, and a second conditional extension for up to 24 months.  More info in the references listed above.
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