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Reserve Limited Duty Officer/Chief Warrant Officer (LDO/CWO)


If you have questions regarding the Reserve Limited Duty Officer / Warrant Officer (LDO/CWO) programs, please contact the Reserve LDO/CWO Officer Community Manager.

READ THIS!!:  ALL Prospective FY26 Reserve LDO/CWOs

Calling all prospective Reserve Limited Duty Officers (LDOs) and Chief Warrant Officers (CWOs)! The Reserve LDO/CWO communities are in search of highly qualified and motivated candidates for potential selection into our respective communities.  If you are seeking the next step in career enhancement, this is your time to get the answers and guidance you need to foster this journey.
The LDO & CWO Reserve Component is hosting a virtual town hall recruiting event on Saturday 08 JUN 2024 via Microsoft Teams.
This event will take place from 1100-1200 PDT / 1400-1500 EDT.  
Registration is requested. See the Town Hall document under Application Help on this page for the registration link and teleconference link

For more information about a designator and/or to get an LDO/CWO mentor, contact the designator POC via email by selecting the desired designator below.

Within the RC LDO/CWO community, the below designators are open for assignment.







The FY26 RESERVE LDO/CWO IN-SERVICE PROCUREMENT BOARD NAVADMIN XXX/24 link will be posted on the right side of this page once it is released (currently anticipate it will be released in JULY 2024. Pending release refer to the information on this web page.)

RESERVE LDO/CWO APPLICATION DEADLINE IS 1 OCTOBER for the next Reserve In-Service Procurement Board
Encrypted emailed applications must be received no later than 1 October in the year you are applying. Routine addendums to applications, including evaluations and awards, must be received no later than 15 December in that same year.

RESERVE TIS WAIVER DEADLINE IS 1 SEPTEMBER (Late submissions will NOT be considered.)


Time in Service (TIS) Eligibility is calculated as of 1 October for the fiscal year you are applying (ie...if applying for FY26, then 1 October 2025 is the year for which you are applying). TIS Waivers will only be considered in accordance with annual NAVADMIN. 

Time in Service Requirements
  8-14 yrs for LDO 
14-20 yrs for CWO 

For Reserve TIS Waivers use the Reserve Time in Service (TIS) Waiver Template on the right side of this page.
Waivers must be submitted via encrypted email to the Reserve LDO/CWO OCM

Time in Service Waivers will be considered for up to (but no more than)

- 20 years for LDO applicants

- 25 years for CWO applicants

(No further exceptions will be entertained.)

Time in Service Waivers will NOT be considered for LESS than 8 years for LDO applicants.

Time in Service Waivers WILL be considered for LESS than 14 years for CWO applicants.


Utilize the Application Templates located on the right side of this page.

Under Current Guidance on the right side of this page, read OPNAVINST 1120.12, OPNAVISNT 1420.1B, and annual NAVADMIN.  Go over them carefully during your application process, making note of sections applicable to you as an individual candidate.  These are your source documents for submitting an application. Only language or policy promulgated by the annual NAVADMIN message for the current application cycle will override what is written in the OPNAV instructions.  

The application is your resume to the board demonstrating your potential for selection as a Naval Officer.  The format is standardized as selection board members must sort through hundreds of them, and it is easier if they are all alike.  Think of your package as one of many applications for the same great job -- you have to beat out the competition.  You won't get extra points for excess.  Do not include information that is already in your service record unless required by the OPNAVIST 1120.12, OPNAVISNT 1420.1B, or the annual NAVADMIN.  However, you may include (but not required) your civilian resume as an enclosure in your package

There are no "required" or "right" correspondence courses.  A good blend of technical/non-technical courses will help, especially if done over a number of years and not just since you decided to apply.  Consider taking enlisted rating courses of the other source ratings that are also in the normal path of advancement for the designator for which you are applying.  Candidates may submit commendatory correspondence after submission of the application until 15 December of the year in which the board is scheduled to convene.

Seek out a Mustang mentor who you can consult with.  An LDO or CWO in your desired designator can assist and ensure your application is ready for submission.  Listen to what they say -- they have been there.  Make sure your Command Coordinator is part of any dialogue when you have discussions that pertain to your package or questions you might have about the application process.

Community Point of Contacts can be emailed using the designator links at the top of this page.


The interview board helps the Commanding Officer (CO) evaluate the candidate's potential as a career officer.  The CO's recommendation should be consistent with the board's comments or an explanation should be provided.  
The annual NAVADMIN is very specific in addressing the board's purpose and composition.  Interviewer Appraisal Sheet (NAVCRUIT 1131/5) must be used.

Interviewers need to ensure they mark and annotate the "POTENTIAL" and “TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE” blocks on the interview form.

The OCM encourages Appraisal Board members provide applicants with verbal feedback at the conclusion of the interview and provide the completed interview form to unit COs/OICs for routing.

Interview appraisal boards shall be constructed of only three Reserve (preferred) or Active component officers.  The names of the approved appraisal board members must be included in the CO/OIC endorsement. To the maximum extent possible, LDOs or CWOs shall be utilized as board members. 

Every effort (including teleconference media) should be made to ensure the board members are from the LDO or CWO designator's competitive category for which the applicant is applying.  The senior member of the interview panel for LDO applicants must be a lieutenant commander or above. The senior member of the interview panel for CWO applicants must be a CWO4 or above.

Minimum grade requirements for board members are lieutenant or CWO3.  CWO3 panel members must have at least two years time in grade.  The interviewing board should, whenever possible, be comprised of officers who are not in the applicant’s command, or at minimum, not directly in the chain of command.


If it is not possible to assemble a panel of three officers, the interviews may be conducted separately.  Only three interview appraisals are required for each applicant.

Interview appraisal board member preparation for applicant appraisal boards is an important part of the board process. Review of the application, review of discrete requirements for the applicant designator, having well thought out questions on technical expertise, leadership, and knowledge of the designator for which the candidate is applying, to include future career path if selected, are all great examples of board member preparation.

Each appraisal must contain the names of all three-panel members.

The technical ability and potential blocks on the interview appraisal sheet must be marked for LDO and CWO candidates.

The CO of either SEAL Team 17 or 18 are required to endorse applicants for both the 715X and 717X designators.


The CO's Recommendation is critical.  It must be specific as to why an applicant is better than his/her competition -- hard to do if not true.  Weak praise may hurt the candidate.  If the CO does not recommend a candidate for commissioning, the application should not be forwarded by the command.

An applicant must be recommended by the CO to be eligible for consideration.  If the applicant is applying for two designators, the CO's recommendation must address qualifications for both as outlined in the respective discrete requirements.  If the candidate is not professionally competitive, he/she should be advised on ways to improve.

Recommendation must be personally signed by the CO, not "By direction".  The CO's recommendation verifies the accuracy of the applicant's statements, as well as all enclosures.

CO's endorsement must contain specific statements that are outlines in the annual NAVADMIN.

Applicants currently serving on mobilization orders may have their application endorsed by their field commander.  All applications endorsed by field commanders must have concurrence of their parent command.​


LDOs and CWOs are selected for appointment by In-Service Procurement Selection Boards.  A new board is convened each fiscal year, usually in January, for approximately three weeks.  The results are normally released to the fleet via NAVADMIN message in February.   LDO Selectees are commissioned 1 October of the FY selected. CWO Selectees are commissioned 1 November of the FY selected.  Details are included in the message.

In addition to senior LDOs, board membership includes officers of the line and various staff corps to allow the senior member of the board to establish internal panels with a good knowledge of the requirements of each occupational specialty.  Each member of the board is sworn to select the best qualified candidates without prejudice or partiality.

In-service boards consider applicants for appointment in the designator (s) they have requested.  If a candidate requests consideration in more than one designator (the maximum that can be requested is two), the board recommends the individual for appointment only in the designator for which he or she is considered best qualified.

The board recommends candidates for appointment in numbers not to exceed the quotas furnished by the Chief of Naval Personnel.  However, the board is not obligated to select to the numbers provided if, in its opinion, sufficient numbers of applicants are not qualified for appointment in a particular designator.


Again, you must read and be familiar with the OPNAVIST 1120.12, OPNAVISNT 1420.1B, and the annual NAVADMIN. Go over it carefully before starting your application, making note of sections applicable to you as an individual candidate.

Review the annual NAVADMIN message, which identifies this year's specific requirements.

Check your Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) for completeness.  Look for missing/misfiled evaluations, qualifications, awards, etc. Make corrections as soon as possible.

First Class Petty Officers who wish to apply for LDO must have taken the CPO exam in February of the year the application is due to NPC and be selection board eligible.  The current year exam "profile sheet" must accompany the application.

All inquiries concerning the application, including verification of its receipt, should be directed to PERS-92.


Preferred method of submission of applications and addendums are outlined in the annual NAVADMIN.

DoD SAFE and ESSBD via BOL are NOT supported or authorized to submit Applications or Addendums.


Eligibility Requirements for Reserve LDO and CWO Programs

    a.  Service requirement: Reserve applicants must be serving as a SELRES in a drill status or on temporary active duty orders at the time application is made.
    b.  U.S. citizenship is required and cannot be waived.

    c.  Must be of good moral character and have no record of disciplinary action under Article 15, Uniform Code of Military Justice, no courts martial conviction or civilian felony conviction, or conviction by a civil court for misdemeanors (except minor traffic violations) in the past 3 years as of 1 October of the year application is made.  Any substantiated drug or alcohol abuse within the last 3 years as of 1 October of the year application is made will result in disqualification.

    d.  Must be a high school graduate or possess an equivalency certificate.

    e.  Must be physically qualified for appointment per the physical standards outlined in the Manual of the Medical Department, Chapter 15.

    f.  Must meet physical fitness standards of satisfactory-medium or higher per OPNAVINST 6110.1K at the time of application and appointment.

    g.  Prior service with the Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, and/or Coast Guard may be credited to meet the minimal service requirement when it can be clearly documented, by the applicant, that service in another branch provided the requisite training, knowledge, and expertise that directly relates to and parallels the needs and requirements of the naval service.  If applicable, comments regarding experience gained in another branch of service, to include relation of the experience with the Navy's needs and requirements, should be included in the applicant's application.  The commanding officer will attest to such qualifications in his/her endorsing statement.

    h.  Favorably recommended by their commanding officer.
NOTE:  Commands shall provide applicants with a copy of their entire completed application to include all enclosures after submission.

Current Guidance

Application Templates and Forms           Checklist and Interviewer's Appraisal Form PDF may not open online
          Save PDF to your computer then right click on the PDF
          Open with Acrobat to view, fill out, print

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