Selected Reservists (SELRES) 


The Navy Reserve is the Reserve Component (RC) of America’s Navy. And within the structure of the Navy Reserve, there are organizational categories that further define your service responsibilities and commitment status.

Selected Reserve (SELRES) This group – the largest and most relied upon of the Ready Reserve – consists of:

* Drilling Reservists/Units – These are designated Reservists who are available for recall to Active Duty status. They serve as the Navy’s primary source of immediate manpower. They typically fulfill the traditional Service Commitment of one weekend a month and two weeks a year. And they receive many of the same benefits and perform many of the same duties as their Active Duty counterparts. This includes persons on initial Active Duty for training. 

* Full-Time Support – These are designated Reservists who perform full-time Active Duty service that relates to the training and administration of the Navy Reserve program. They may be assigned to shore activities and commands or operational units. They typically are not reassigned to different locations as often as those on regular Active Duty. And they receive the same pay, allowances and benefits as Active Duty members. 

For information regarding the below topics, please select the appropriate link below:

-Upcoming SELRES Administrative and Statutory Selection Boards (Reserve Promotion Board Info). 

-SELRES/IRR Affiliation and community-specific bonuses and incentives. 

-SELRES Redesignation Procedures and Process (going from one SELRES officer community to another SELRES officer community). 

-Reserve officer Recall opportunities and procedures to include the following:
   a) ADSW opportunities
   b) Temporary Recall opportunities - either under reserve (RPN) or active duty (MPN) funding
   c) Temporary Recall opportunities through the reserve Canvasser Recruiter (CANREC) program
   d) Permanent Recall opportunities through the Active Duty Permanent/Indefinite Recall Program
   e) Permanent Recall/redesignation into the FTS officer program
   f) Permanent Recall/Redesignation into the active component through the Active Duty Lateral Transfer Boards

-SELRES Direct Commission Officer (DCO) program information - link coming soon.

-Online courses to earn reserve retirement points.

-How to update your online OSR/PSR.

How to download your Annual Statement of Active Duty Service.

Also recommend the following Navy Reserve-related websites for more information about the Navy Reserve:

U.S. Navy Reserve Website
U.S. Navy Reserve Homeport
U.S. Navy Reserve Facebook
Reserve Management Branch, PERS-9 website

Running Mate Decoupling
RMS Decoupling FAQ

SELRES to IRR Affiliation
NAVET Checklist

SELRES Redesignation Info
Redesignation Guidance
Redesignation Process

Reserve Recall Opportunities
RPN-Recall Opportunities Link
MPN-Recall Opportunities Link

Reserve Promotion Board Info
Reserve Promotion Board Info Link

SELRES FAO Redesignation
Reserve FAO Community OPNAVINST 1301.10C
Reserve FAO Redesignation Requirements
Reserve FAO Redesignation Application
Reserve FAO Redesignation Waiver Format

OSR/PSR Update
Officers Records Management Link

Statement of Service Download
BUPERS Online (BOL) Link 

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