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LCDR Detailer




​Contact the Pit Boss:  CDR Long Tran -

**The billet list is also available on the eSUPPO app!**

Lieutenant Commander and below detailing is done in the Supply Corps detailing "pit" by four detailers.  Each detailer is assigned the responsibility of a specific pay grade and billet type to detail, though we work closely together as each detail tends to affect what is being worked at another desk.  IAW MILPERSMAN 1301-100 our goal is to match officers with the billets that best align with your professional needs (i.e. Supply Corps’ Community Values), your personal desires, and the Needs of the Navy.


LCDRs, LCDR selects, and post second operational (OP) tour officers will detail with the Pit Boss / LCDR detailer.  Make contact and submit billet preferences when you are within twelve (12) months of your PRD.  Please feel free to call or e-mail your detailer or the Career Counselor anytime for general career guidance. 

Billets rolling in the next twelve (12) months are posted here (see above link) and are available on the eSUPPO app.  The billet list is dynamic...billets are added as they become available and are removed once filled or unfunded.  Please submit billet preferences, using TAB 2 of the above billet list. 

LCDR assignments are socialized by NPC (PitBoss / Placement) with a Supply Corps Command POC (CAPT or Supply Corps CDR in an O-5 Milestone tour).  If a Supply Corps Command POC is not assigned, NPC (PitBoss and Placement) makes the slating decision in alignment with the aforementioned MILPERSMAN 1301-100 factors (officer preferences, career and skillset progression, geographic and tour diversity, Needs of the Navy, etc.). 


OP details with a purpose, and has a concerted effort to assign officers with the purpose of leader and competency development to enable a successful career.  When you enter your detailing window (12 months of PRD) you are considered for assignment in the following order:

  • Warfighting First - Operational Duty.  The Supply Corps’ Community values experience in one and progress toward a second Supply Corps competency prior to Commander.  If you have met this skillset development achievement, expect to be screened as a candidate for an O-4 Operational tour.  An O-4 Operational Tour is specifically identified in the Supply Corps Career Progression, and one of the Supply Corps’ valued achievements prior to Commander is: “Tough visible tours that balance skillset development and operational experience (e.g. Large Afloat, OPNAV, Fleet Staffs, TYCOMs, SYSCOMs, NAVSUP, NAVSUP Weapons Systems Support, NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center, and their Joint or DLA equivalents.” 

If you are O-4 Operational tour eligible, rank all Priority 1 Operational billets and provide your preferences to the PitBoss.  The PitBoss will provide you with the respective Command POCs.  Reach out to the command POCs early in your detailing window to express interest in the respective billets.

  • Post-PG School Skillset Utilization.  Building the requisite talent across O-1 through O-4 paygrades creates a foundation in each of the SC Competencies, and widely assignable officers at the O-5 and O-6 level.  IAW MILPERSMAN 1301-900 a utilization tour shall be accomplished at first opportunity following a Navy-funded graduate education program. 

If you have not utilized a Navy-funded PG education (completed a billet coded for the same skillset as your PG education after PG School) and have not been screened for an O-4 Operational Tour, your options may be limited to only those billets coded for the same skillset as your degree.  If not selected for any of the available billets in that skillset, you will be released to select from the remaining billets on the LCDR billet list.

  • Operate Forward - Overseas Duty.  Strong Supply Corps leadership is required in critical overseas billets.  These tours are tremendous opportunities for continued professional development.  Geographic diversity, especially overseas tours, is valued among board membership for selection to every paygrade in the Supply Corps.  Tour lengths vary by geographic location and accompanied status per the Joint Travel Regulations, MILPERSMAN 1300-308, and MILPERSMAN 1301-108 

If you have not completed an overseas tour during your officer career, then you are a candidate for overseas duty.  Rank all “Overseas Shore Duty” Priority 1A or 2 billets and provide your preferences to the PitBoss.  The PitBoss will provide you with the respective Command POCs.  Reach out to the command POCs early in your detailing window to express interest in the respective billets.  Hawaii billets do not count as overseas tours for detailing purposes.

  • Be Ready - CONUS and Hawaii Shore Duty.  If you have cleared the aforementioned screens (Operational, PG School Utilization, and Overseas) then you are a candidate for CONUS shore duty.  Review the billet list and submit your preferences accordingly.  If cleared for CONUS Shore Duty orders, you do not have to include any Priority 1 (Operational) or Priority 2 (Overseas) billets in your preferences, but can include those billets if you would desire to fill them. 

  • Hot Fills.  Officers who accept hot fill billets will be given top priority for follow on orders to either their geographic area, acquisition, or joint coded billet of preference; however, gaining command must still screen and approve.      

  • Needs of the Navy.  If not selected after slated to three (3) commands, or by 6 months prior to your PRD (whichever comes first), you may be assigned based on needs of the Navy.  You will be slated based on the Needs of the Navy no later than 4 months prior to your PRD. 


It is strongly encouraged that you research the billets you are interested in:

  • First to the incumbents in the billet to discover the job mission, functions, tasks, duties, culture, etc.; and,

  • Second to the Supply Corps Command POC to set up an office call.  Recommend sending your Bio, PSR, and OSR (PII removed).  The office call affords the Supply Corps Command POC an opportunity to review your record and allows you to ask questions and explain your interest in the billet, and why you would be a good fit.  Many Supply Corps Command POCs will not select an officer for a billet from a slate if they have not spoken to the officer first in an office call.   

Each billet is advertised beginning one year from the incumbent’s PRD and will remain advertised for three full months before a slate of interested officers is sent to the command Point of Contact for a decision.  Commands are generally given two (2) weeks to review all interested candidates and make a selection.  You will be notified of your selection status and if not selected, it is advised that you update your preferences.  Generally, orders will be released approximately three (3) to five (5) months prior to your estimated date of detachment. 


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