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Reserve Officer Community Manager (OCM), BUPERS -31
Accession Plans: the annual plan to bring personnel into the Navy Reserve
Promotion Plans: conducted in the fall, taking into account all gains, retirements, etc.; determine the number of Officers that will get promoted for the next fiscal year.
Redesignations: Change of Designator (COD), Full Time Support FTS, Probationary Officer Continuation and Redesignation (POCR). 
Beyond the big three, the SC OCM also plays a pivotal role in Continuation panels, DCO Program Authorizations (PAs), Record reviews, and Career guidance that Reserve (SELRES, VTU, and IRR) officers may need.
 Career Transition Office (CTO), PERS-97 
Staffed by Transition Assistants (TAs), Assist Active Duty Supply Officers-3100 (NAVETS) with transition to Reserve Component 3105, Process affiliations by separation date, Quota is set by SELRES Officer Accession Plan, Additional accession guidance applies to officers with 1 or 2 Failures of Selection (FOS), *Must have BUPERS-318 approval to affiliate into drilling SELRES*
Reserve Career Counselor (CC), PERS 4412
Record reviews, Record maintenance, DCO selection panels, Policy creation and management, manage and write instructions, career guidance, supports APPLY Board, FTS Redesignation, and anything a Reserve (SELRES, VTU, IRR) officer may need. The Reserve Supply Corps Officer Program Manager can be reached at   
PERS-911: Reserve Officer Status
Processes and adjudicates Reserve officer gains, Ready Reserve Agreements, Statements of Service, inter-service transfers, change of designator requests, attrition, discharges and resignations, retention/continuation, age waivers, ACIP updates, and AQD and NOBC requests.  Notifies officers of impending reserve status changes.
PERS-912:  Reserve Personnel Administration
Processes Reserve officer retirements.  Maintains retirement point records for all reservists.
PERS-92:  Reserve Board Support and FTS Management
Manages the Reserve Officer Two and Three Year Recall and officer Canvasser Recruiter Programs.  Coordinates the conduct of the FTS Transfer/Redesignation, FTS CAPT Selective Retention Boards and assists BUPERS-318 with LDO/CWO community management and conducts the Reserve In-Service Procurement Board for LDO/CWO. Processes frocking requests for all Reserve officers.
BUPERS-351: Reserve Officer Community Management (both SELRES and FTS)
Develops policy guidance and strength plans for Selected Reserve and FTS officer programs. Develops the fiscal year Reserve Officer (to include FTS) Promotion Plans and the Reserve Officer Continuation and Retention Plan. Sponsors the FTS Transfer/Redesignation, FTS CDR SERAD, and FTS CAPT Selective Retention Boards. 
BUPERSINST 1001.39F, Chapter 9 (How to apply for an NOBC or AQD)
Official Military Personnel File (OMPF)
A promotion selection board evaluates the professional qualifications of each eligible officer as contained in an officer’s OMPF.  Per SECNAVINST 1420.1B, officers have a duty to review their records periodically to ensure their records are complete and accurate.  Therefore, it is strongly recommended that Officers review their OMPF at least 6 months prior to a promotion selection board to ensure the record is accurate and up-to-date; especially critical items such as: Regular FITREP continuity (no gaps greater than 90 days), awards, education, training, and qualifications.  OMPF’s are accessible via BUPERS ON-LINE.  
Direct Commission Officer (DCO) Program

DCO Onboarding Program

DCO Interview Appraisal Training 


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