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LT Operational & PG School Detailer


LT Operational and PG School Detailer

LCDR Michelle Coleman

LT Operational Detailing Business Rules

Business rules have been developed and published in an effort to create a fair and transparent detailing landscape that evenly maximizes opportunities.  

  • Generally speaking, billets are first come, first served.
  • If a billet is not on the billet list, it is not available at the time of advertisement.  However, the billet list is dynamic.  Please check frequently for updates as billets do become available/unavailable often.  
  • The most up to date billet list is available on MyNavyHR and ESUPPO app and updated frequently. 
  • CONUS negotiation window = 8 months from PRD OCONUS negotiation window = 10 months from PRD
  • You will become a “needs of the Navy” detail 3 months prior to your PRD.
  • Overseas, PCU, ESB, or 3 person operations require TYCOM approval.
  • Even after a ship and homeport are negotiated, there is always a possibility of a shift based on operational needs.  This could result in a shift in platform, homeport, or both. We will do our best to communicate with you should this circumstance arise.
  • If unmet operational need continues, you could be shifted to one of these billets. 
  • We do not detail by proxy.  That is, we do not detail you based off conversations or interventions by your mentors.  You must directly discuss your next detail with your detailer. 
  • Billets that require reliefs prior to your PRD must be filled before we will entertain any negotiations for billets that need a fill past your PRD.
  • If you have redesignated or laterally transferred into the Supply Corps, you can expect to complete back to back operational tours.  
  • The Detailing Triad applies.  Needs of the Navy, Career Needs, and Personal Desires. 

Two operational tours are a career milestone before zoning for LCDR. If you have yet to complete a department head (DH) tour or overseas tour in your officer career, you can expect to negotiate for one or both of these opportunities if they are available or the operational need exists.  Serving in a DH role is critical to leadership development and geographic diversity promotes a warfighting first mentality while strengthening our global adaptability as Supply Corps Officers.

OP will not waive the second operational tour requirement.  

Educational Opportunities

A Master's degree is critical as you approach promotion to CDR.  There are many programs offered and all have distinct benefits that will pay dividends professionally. 

             - Intermediate Service Colleges (ISC) (Navy War College, Marine War College, and Army War College) are an excellent way to both obtain your Master’s degree, and enter the joint/operational logistics arena. The ISC program prepares naval officers for joint assignments and greater responsibilities through joint professional military education.  Assignment is based on Junior Service College selection, quota availability, career needs and individual desires.
             - In addition to ISC opportunities, Supply Corps officers seeking post graduate education are eligible to participate in several Master in Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Science (MS) programs offered through the Naval Postgraduate School. The MBA program curriculums 815, 819, 837, and 870. The MS degree is in the 361 curriculum. Officers will complete Joint Professional Military Education (JPME) Phase I on site while enrolled. For additional information on the curriculum options please refer to the NPS website and the "It's Your Education" playbook.

Postgraduate Education Screen

Officers interested in attending a postgraduate school opportunity are subject to the selection board.  Eligible 3100 officers will be automatically screened as long as the below are accurately reflected in their record: 

1. Completion of one Operational Tour (AQD 928)
2. Academic Profile Code (APC) on file (BLK 47 on your ODC).
3. Warfare Qualification on file (BLK 72 on your ODC).
4. PG School preferences (will appear in BLK 94 on your ODC).


Selected officers will be slated to a program in accordance with needs of the Navy, needs of the Supply Corps, and on-file preferences.
Have your APC calculated by applying now here​.
For questions regarding your APC or how to improve your APC, NPS Admissions can be contacted through the following email address:
Please refer to "It's Your Record" or contact the Career Counselor at for assistance with records maintenance discrepancies.

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