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LT & LTJG Shore Detailer



Looking for billets?  Click here --> LT/LTjg Shore Billets Last update: 15 MAY 24
**Billets can also be viewed on the eSUPPO app**

LT Shore Detailer

LCDR Winston Lamb


1. For many of you, this will be your first detailing experience since graduating from NSCS.  The first qualified officer in their "detailing window" who requests a job and is committed to serving in that billet will be selected; however, some commands require screening and approval.  

2. If you have re-designated from another community and rotating off your first operational tour, it is expected that you will serve overseas or serve back to back operational tours to align with career progression timelines. You must clear the operational desk prior to negotiating with the LT/LTjg Shore Detailer. 

3. Only provide billet preferences that are listed in green on the billet list or are identified as "green" in the notes on the eSUPPO app; white billets are listed for transparency purposes only.  LTJGs may provide preferences for green billets listed as LT billets.

4. Your "detailing window" begins 10 months from your PRD if coming from an overseas assignment and 8 months from your PRD if coming from a CONUS assignment.

5. All billets are posted 12 months from their projected rotation date and can be viewed via the eSUPPO app as well as the link at the top of this page. 
6. Overseas duty is a priority!  If you have not completed an overseas tour during your officer career, then you are a candidate for overseas duty and will be screened accordingly.  These tours offer exceptional personal and professional development opportunities. Tour lengths vary by geographic location and accompanied status per the JTR Appendix Q.  All officers, not currently assigned overseas, must include two (2) overseas billets when submitting preferences.

7. There are situations where a billet requires a specific skill set or security clearance.  In those cases the detailer will inform you that you will be on a shortlist of officers considered for a specific billet and it will be considered as one of your preferences. Some examples are having a Top Secret clearance or SQ1 qualification.

8. Second OP tour LTs not attending Post Graduate School should first contact the Pit Boss.

9. Ideally, we should finalize your orders 4-6 months prior to your EDD.  If you do not have orders 4 months from your PRD, you will be considered a "needs of the Navy" detail.
10.  Your transfer will depend on completion of a minimum 24-30 month operational tour, achievement of a warfare qualification and a proper relief. Officers are currently rotating from their 1st operational tour between 24-26 months. Discuss this with your family and mentors well before your detailing window opens. 

11. You are always welcome to include your spouse in the detailing process. Please let us know how we can support you and your family throughout this process. 

12. We do not detail by proxy. That is, we do not detail you based on conversations or interventions by your mentors. You must directly discuss your next detail with your detailer. 


Internships are a great opportunity for junior officers to gain experience in a valued Supply Corps competency.  For more information, click the Internship tab on the left side of this page. 


Nominative billets include NSCS Instructor Duty, Flag Aide, Presidential, Naval Reactor Internship, and the Personnel Exchange Program (PEP).  These options provide unique and challenging opportunities that provide benefits long after tour completion.  If you are interested in one of these opportunities, you must submit, via email, an application package to be considered for one of these positions.  See the Nominative Billets page for specific details.


I strongly recommend each officer read "IT'S YOUR CAREER" when formulating detailing plans and your career progression. This is an excellent resource covering all the important topics, milestones and career hurdles such as Internships, Subspecialties, Post Graduate education, Joint Qualifications, etc.   Review "IT'S YOUR CAREER" online at


Check out the website Records Management.  You can review your ODC, OSR, and PSR's, submit changes and view updates all online!
Need your APC calculated?  Apply here:


Congratulations!  It is imperative that you ensure we have your warfare designation on record.  Forward a copy of your warfare designation letter to the Career Counselor via email at


If you have recently transferred, your contact information has changed, or you have never provided your contact information - please contact the Career Counselor at or call 901-874-4621.  


For questions regarding the detailing process, general career guidance, and/or your record, please contact myself or the Career Counselor.
  Veterans Crisis Line - Dial 988  Safe Helpline  NCIS Tips  Sexual Assault Prevention & Response  NFAAS

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